Bligny Two. Format 25 X 28 cm - 77 colors reproductions - 15 black and white reproductions

Texts by: Sylvie FABRE, Gilles FARCET, Laure LE BARON, Anne-Marie CHOMETY-FORESTIER, Denis GRIVOT, Martine GAYOT, Alain KREMSKI, Lama DROUPGYU-TENZIN, translated by Herman LAADING and Patrick LAMB
Published by SPE - Collection J.P. BARTHELEMY. ISBN 2-912-838-03-7


Bligny One. Format 21,7 X 25 cm - 31 colors reproductions - 6 black and white photographs

Texts by François CHABANIAN, Jacques LACARRIERE, Gilles FARCET, Kate DUSSEAU, Herman LAADING, Dominique AVRON, Sylvie FABRE, Françoise DAVANTURE, translated by Herman LAADING.
Published by Bligny/Chabanian/Art Print